Now you can stay at home and get the care you need from professionals.
Getting the support you need is essential to your health. Prince's Employment Agency knows this and has the staff that you can trust with your assisted living and personal care needs at home.
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    Great Neck, New York 11021
  • Phone: 516-482-7467
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Welcome to Prince's Employment Agency

Home Care Agency in Great Neck New York

Choosing a caregiver can be a very time consuming and tedious task. It is a very important decision that demands the thorough consideration of many different factors. Will this person be a good fit for my family? Is this person reliable? Will I be able to trust this person with my family? You would need to make sure the caregiver is qualified, competent and has passed thorough background checks.

Well at Prince Employment Agency we apply the same care and thoughtfulness that you would apply in choosing someone to take care of your family, because at Prince Employment Agency we treat your love ones like family. Our Home Care Agency in Great Neck New York ensures that our caregivers are qualified, highly skilled, experienced individuals who show compassion and care every task that they do. They are patient, trustworthy, reliable individuals who work hard to ensure your family is well taken care of and care in every task that they do.

We proudly serve the areas of Manhattan, Bronx, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Westchester County. Our staff can provide assisted living, home health aide services, skilled nursing and caregiving. To keep our company abreast with rising quality demands and standards, we regularly train our personnel with caregiving skills and home care support so they can competently meet the care requirements of our clients.

Stay in the comfort of your home and receive professional care from our Home Care Agency in Great Neck New York.

Call us today at (516-482-7467) to speak with a coordinator at Prince Employment Agency.